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Bali Visa On Arrival
November 17, 2014

Visa-Free entry to Indonesia for more countries

UPDATED - Australia has no been added to the list from March 2016. Australia is expected to be added to the list by January 2016 after being removed from the announced list at the end of 2015.
Holiday Season Offerings
November 12, 2014

Save more on flights to spend on your holiday

As the holiday season approaches and airlines are looking at difficult times, now is a good time for travellers to look at the various holiday season offerings available for great fares to their favoured destinations. To get the best fares,…

RoKKi Chats
November 4, 2014

AirAsia officially launches on-board Wi-Fi

Air Asia has this morning, 4th November, launched  its on-board Wi-Fi service, roKKi Chats, allowing guests to use instant messaging apps while on-board selected flights. To make use of the service, patrons on board Wi-Fi enabled flights may purchase tokens on a…

KLIA 2, Taxiways,KLIA 2 Transport Options
October 31, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Airport: klia2 transport options

There are a number of convenient klia2 transport options for travellers going to or from the airport. This article has been updated and renamed, February 2022. klia2 transport options Getting to and from klia2 is much more convenient than the…

Jetstar To Kuala Lumpur – Which Terminal?
October 25, 2014

Jetstar to Kuala Lumpur – which terminal?

** Update: From 8th July 2015, Jetstar will move to KLIA2, about 2km from the current terminal KLIA. We have the latest information regarding the move here. The information below is current up until 7th July 2015. If you're travelling…

Gold Coast Airport By Public Transport
April 27, 2014

Gold Coast Airport by Public Transport

Catching the train from Brisbane to the Gold Coast if you have a flight leaving after 9.30am is a comfortable and cost effective option.
Image Courtesy Sydney Airport Corporation
February 19, 2014

Sydney Airport Master Plan approved

The Australian Federal Government yesterday approved the Sydney Airport master plan, which will cover operation plans for the next 20 years. Included in this plan are way in which the airport will optimise space constraints in order to overcome congestion…

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