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AirAsia X Is Back, AirAsia X Group
June 16, 2022

AirAsia X is back with new routes

AirAsia X is back with favourite destinations as well as new routes which will be added as more aircraft return to service.
Kuala Lumpur - Doha Direct, Penang Direct From Doha
September 29, 2015

6 reasons to fly to Europe via the Middle East

If you're looking for a different way of getting to Europe or Asia than one of the direct flights, here are a few reasons to consider going via Dubai, Doha or Abu Dhabi.
Airlines Serving Kuala Lumpur
September 17, 2015

Which airlines are flying into Kuala Lumpur?

Running through the list of airlines that fly into an airport can be an interesting exercise in Geography, History and the links between the countries involved. We wish we had space to add some of these stories here.
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