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AirAsia continues aid to Nepal

May 7, 20152 minute read

Fund Raising Drive for Nepal 6th – 22nd May 2015

AirAsia Foundation has announced a second fund-raising drive this year, joining global efforts in assisting Nepal after the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake of Apr 25, 2015. AirAsia passengers will have the opportunity will have the opportunity to contribute via donation boxes on board AirAsia flights and at the airline’s hub airports. These donations will be in addition to on-going flight sponsorships for medical and relief aid workers.

Members of the public may donate via the dedicated donation site website.

How will donations be used?

In a statement issued on 6th May 2015, AirAsia assured those making contributions to this relief effort that their donations will be used in specific areas.

“Funds raised from the campaign will fully benefit Open Learning Exchange Nepal (OLE Nepal), a Kathmandu-based non-government organisation with an established track record working with more than 140 primary schools in 30 districts across the country to address disparities in education access and quality.”

In addition, “Funds raised by AirAsia Foundation will be used for rebuilding schools in Gorkha district, where about 90% of the schools have been affected. Children will also get the opportunity to engage in learning in temporary shelters using OLE Nepal’s innovative laptop-based program while their schools are repaired and reconstructed.

OLE Nepal was established in 2007. In 2012, OLE Nepal received a grant from AirAsia X to equip the Shree Chandi Devi primary school in Kathmandu valley with laptops, equipment and teachers’ training for a year. The programme was completed successfully in 2013.OLE NepalOLE Nepal-1

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